E-book: Encaustic Wall Painting

How to Execute an Encaustic Painting on a Terracotta Support Following Recipes in Classical Sources.

Translated by Julia Alexandra Mee.

Original title: Encausto sul muro. Come realizzare praticamente un dipinto ad encausto su laterizio seguendo le ricette delle fonti classiche.

Samples of Punix Wax during the refining process



This  e-book presents, with 86 color photos, all the passages for the faithful and practical reconstruction of this ancient pictorial technique drawn directly from the texts of Vitruvius and Pliny the Elder. Is described in detail the classic – original – encaustic technique on the wall used by the ancient Pompeian painters which here has been translated from Latin (with text in note), “revealed” in the most difficult aspects (tools, procedure, materials and doses) and put it into practice. The photos of the highly polished ancient mural encaustics, exhibited in the MANN (National Archaeological Museum of Naples), were used as a term of comparison for the qualitative comparison between the original paintings and the new copying experiments specially made with the same technique. Here is explained, in a simple and didactic way, the ancient painting technique which among all is the most lasting, fascinating and least known until the publication of this book even the least known. The language it is easily understandable even to non-experts and is useful for anyone who wants to practically experience the remaking of the true, ancient painting technique.

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